Research-Backed Approach for Discovery Dreamers

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, it’s crucial for children to develop the skills they need to thrive. Discovery Dreamers, an innovative learning program, is designed to empower children with essential AI interaction, prompting and engineering concepts. By incorporating the latest scientific findings in AI education for young children, our program offers a robust foundation for your child’s digital future. We’ll explore the science behind Discovery Dreamers and why it’s the perfect learning tool for children.

A Research-Backed Approach to AI Education

Discovery Dreamers is grounded in the latest research on AI education for young children, as outlined in the report “Artificial Intelligence education for young children: Why, what, and how in curriculum design and implementation”. This research emphasizes the importance of AI literacy as a vital component of digital literacy for all citizens in an increasingly intelligent society.

Early exposure to AI education prepares children for the challenges of a digital future and fosters a lifelong understanding of technology. Discovery Dreamers introduces children to essential AI concepts such as pattern recognition, making predictions, and understanding AI limitations, which are derived from the key AI knowledge outlined in the scientific report.

An Engaging and Culturally Responsive Learning Experience

Discovery Dreamers adopts an embodied, culturally responsive pedagogical approach to learning. By allowing children to explore AI technologies through engaging stories and interactive learning modules, our program fosters a deeper understanding of AI concepts and helps them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The Benefits of Discovery Dreamers for STEM Education

Discovery Dreamers contributes to the growth of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education in several ways:
  1. Nurturing early interest in STEM: Our program introduces AI interaction, prompting and engineering concepts in a captivating and age-appropriate manner, fostering a love for STEM subjects from a young age.
  2. Enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving: Children are encouraged to think critically, ask questions, and solve problems related to AI interaction, prompting and engineering, which are essential skills across various STEM fields.
  3. Supporting a diverse STEM talent pipeline: By offering a range of stories and learning modules tailored to different age groups and learning abilities, we help create an inclusive learning environment that promotes diversity in the future workforce.

To learn more about the science behind Discovery Dreamers, check out our dedicated page discussing the research and principles that inform our program. If you’re interested in enrolling your child or exploring more about what Discovery Dreamers has to offer, visit the following links:


By embracing the research-backed principles of effective AI education, Discovery Dreamers is transforming the way children learn and prepare for a technology-driven future.

Teacher reading a fun AI prompting story from Discovery Dreamers to a student.
Child interacting with an AI based learning robot in a classroom.
Student working with a STEM based robot with AI interaction, prompting and engineering.
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